an extraordinary cat


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Marvelous, Superb BIRMAN !…

Endearing, elegant, playful… The Birman has so much charm…

Does it appeal lie in its pretty white gauntlets, in its sumptuous coat, in its intense blue stare, or more from the harmony that all these elements combined create?

This cat has a princely quality and has a history that is out of the ordinary too..

In 1925, in the writing of paraissait Marcelle ADAM, we find these cats in one of the most poetic legends, which may have been directly inspired by the mythology Khmer :

"In the Lao-Tsun Temple, in Burma, some sacred white cats were guarding the golden statue of teh goddess Tsun Kyantsé, a beauty with eyes of saphire.

One of them, Sinh, was the faithful companion of the old buddhist monk Mun-Hà, with the golden beard and white hair.

One day, the Thai brigands attack the temple and Mun-Hà who was in prayer before the statue of the goddess was seriously wounded.

While Mun-Hà was dying, the cat names Sinh delicately placed her paws on teh head of her master and looked at the goddess. The soul of the priest entered into the body of the animal who, at the same time, sees her white coat change colour into the nuances of gold,her eyes become sapphire blue like those of the goddess Tsun Kyantsé, and the end of her paws immaculate white as a sign of purity.

In this way Sinh is metamorphosised in teh flash of an eye, electrifying the surviving monks who find their courage again and manage to force their assailants to flee.

The next day all the white cats of the temple undergo the same transformation as Sinh.

Inconsolable after the death of her master, Sinh dies that week, carrying with her the sould of this holy man.

Since that time, each time a cat dies in the Lao-Tsun Temple, it carries the soul of a buddhist monk in his journet above…"

This lovely story no doubt holds only one truth: this cat with white gloves has more than probably got some link with South East Asia.



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