At the Jardin des Hesperides, 9 Birmans share our life.  They are our children, we love them, respect them and protect them, as befits our duty as parents … and the kittens have the same rights.  This means that that there are rules that we impose upon ourselves and that we also impose upon those who adopt our cats.


No cats shut up or in a cage, no cats sold without being spayed or neutered, our cats do not go outside, but they do have an enclosed garden surrounded by wire netting.  Our kittens are sold to people who respect these conditions, in order to maintain their health because vaccination does not protect against everything. 

Our queens never have more than one litter per year, do not start reproduction before the age of 18 months, more often than not 2 years, and then spayed when they are about five years old.  In order to guarantee their well-being, we sometimes place spayed or neutered adult cats, sometimes when they are very young, because they are too exclusive with their human friends and cannot except to live in a cat community. 

My studs are often also castrated and given up for adoption rapidly because their need to mark their territory imposes a life in isolation upon them.

The quality of life and the happiness of our cats will always be our main priority and the breeding will always come second to this.

Unlike certain breeders, we do not select our cats according to their the
blood group. Once they arrive, we  automatically test them for FIP - FIV and
FeLV and at the same time ask for their blood group.
This information is taken into account for mariages and pregnancies are
adapted to a certain extent according to needs, but we strongly feel that it
is our duty as a breeder to respect the natural biodiversity of the breed.
To systematically select a single blood group, such as group A, as some
breeders do, is not justified in our opinion. On the contrary we believe it
is a heresy which could have dire consequences for the future of the breed.

In order to guarantee their health and well-being, in order to preserve the genealogy and race improvement work carried out, in order to deserve of the trust of other breeders who have given us cats, we ask everyone who wishes to adopt one of our kittens to allow it to lead a the life of a luxury “cushion cat”! For this reason our kittens up always spayed or neutered before they go to live with the new family we trust to treat them well. These conditions are stipulated on all our reservation forms and sales certificates. This practice is strangely enough not yet the norm in many French catteries, although it is used all in refuges for evident reasons (protection of animals).

In our case, the pedigree is handed over normally the day the kitten leaves the cattery, the spaying / neutering operation is offered by us … as a gage of future happiness for our kittens!


The cats selected for reproduction are obviously more expensive and are only given to breeders whom we appreciate because of their ethics, work, and the quality of life of the cats they breed.

Thank you for your understanding.


Selection Breeding
Coulours : seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, plain and tabby
All cats tested  FCoV  – FIV – FeLV
All the cats are tested PKD with ADN
Genetic identification on all the breeding cats
All the studs are negative at the cardiac echography for HCM
All the cats are negative for giardia and tritrichomonas feli
Kittens raised in a family environment
All with electronic chip, vaccinations, LOOF pedigree
Follow-up of kittens once they leave the cattery

Miss Maignan Pascale
12 rue du Champ Bouin
22400 Noyal

Phone : 00 (33) / Cell Phone : 00 (33)



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