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Thank you, Olga, for creating this site for me. I would never have imagined that it could be done with so much good taste and artistic flair, always looking for perfection down to the last detail !... this journey was undertaken with joy, good humour and mutual complicity...

And thank you, Judith and Una, for your invaluable help for the English translation. ”

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 Cattery specialized in Sacred Cat of Burma breeding, 20 years of passion for the birman !
Seal, blue, chocolate, lilac and lynx point Birmans, all the informations on Sacred Cats of Burma and on our cattery on our website
 and on  the birman breeding,
Race selection of the Birman, Birman's breeding, character of the Birman, upkeep of the birman, Birmans kittens available,
 the colors of the Birman, The Sacred Cat of Burma legend, the links of other Sacred Cats of Burma's catteries, Sacred Cats of Burma's photographies


 The Birman : an extraordinary cat !....Marvelous, Superb Birman !...Endearing, elegant, playful...The Birman has so much charm.....