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Macha du Jardin des Hespérides

Panos da Makaja


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Nina du Jardin des Hespérides

Carou, alias Caranis Laty Mery


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Myrtille du Jardin des Hespérides

Carou, alias Caranis Laty Mery


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Our babies are raised in our  family home, you can to adopt them from 4 months age, they will be vaccinated, micro chipped, and desexed ( see info Early Neutering* ), the parents are tested   fiv, felv, FCoV ( info FCoV* ) and PKD and CMH with  echography since 2015. Our Kitten follow a homeopathic protocol of nosodes until we leave the house, we no longer make allopathic vaccine on kittens for 4 months in order to ensure better immunization under the best conditions because kittens still have too many maternal antibodies until that age. We search for maternel antibodies before possible vaccination ( Vaccicheck )
All our cats are fed with True Instinct High Meat, Farmina grainfree and especially fresh food " home made " ( fish, meat, vegetables ), every day.
They have all a pedigree LOOF.
The future owners will must to travel to our breeding to know us and to go for their kitten.
It happens less often that I accept to entrust a kitten to a breeder’s care, the breeding cats come to friends house, the most often,  and exclusively if these breeders have the same ethics that me.  


* info FCoV :
the site of the Dr Addie

* info Early neutering

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